Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Busy Wednesday Part 1

I seem to be a very busy bee at the moment. But then it's Wednesday and so many things happened today. So I'm just going to share each event at a time.

Once I finished my sewing class (I've gone back to school .. back to basics) I decided to head over to Moore's and borrow his daughter. Coz I had this haunch that she'll fit perfectly into my skirt. And I was right! So we took a few shots. She's shy and very tomboy-ish, so when she saw the skirt she just said 'you want me to wear that???!!!!!!????' and such a super gal she obliged. And she's going to be my guinea pig for adult sizes for I need the practice.

And as usual the best place to get cottons would be at Hokko. And I have a substantial amount of fabric left, I think I'll ponder on what to make next ... actually I've made it but that's coming up later on.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Baby Booties

Hello blogging. I haven't done this in awhile and I hope I don't get bored easily or have my laptop crash on me again. Anyway, Rozi recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and I just went YES!! I have a baby model for my baby stuff projects. How awesome is that. And the plus side is Rozi and I decided to go 'Green'. Eco Stuff. Nappies. Hand-me-down clothes. Borrowed stuff. I mean why do we even bother to buy when babies grow out of them so fast. Homemade things (this is where I come in) are just fabulous. I love reading blogs of women who make stuff. Scrapping, Sewing, Quilting Etc. It makes me feel kinda lame so I went back to my main mojo. Sewing! So my very first baby thingy.

The baby booties are really small. They're the length of my thumb.

They are reversible but I decided not to since I like the black and white pattern better and the red stitching matches quite nicely with the flowers.

I added on fabric flowers that I fell in love with at Hokko and I just had to have them.

Notice that the right booty looks larger that the other? that's coz it is.
Both fabrics are recycled out of scrap fabrics that Hokko was selling out of the scrap bin. And I only needed 4 squares the size of my purse for the pair. Not bad.
Everything was hand stitched by back stitching and I just hemmed the shoe openings on the side. Added on flowers and Voila! perfect baby booties for a newborn. I figured she can wear them for another month. It'll give me another excuse to make more boots. Hahahaha.