Monday, 23 April 2012

Bento Gear Organizer

I have somewhat acquired a significant amount of bento gear and accessories and discovered I have nowhere to put them since i have a small kitchen and a limited ammount of space. So most of my things went onto one shelf and in two bags, which does not inspire anyone at all to pack lunch in a more appealing and tasty looking way.

I needed a solution. And I needed it fast. Google image and searched for clear shoe door hanging organizer. There were so many door organizers and they look so fab. But do i buy one? the cheapest i found was US$15 and to ship it here add $17. Thats $32 total and knowing how postal works around here, it'll arrive in 30days. Nuh-uh! I'm not paying that price nor am I waiting that long.

The alternative! I went to soon lee and had a looksie around the plastic table mats they have in rolls. Picked one that I felt would not kill my machine. @ $1.90 per meter, and I got 3m, I spent less than $6. Wicked!!

Brought it home and did not touch it for a few days. I was trying to get my head around to what I need to do. More like a breakdown of process before I start and regret something.
First things first. Measure and cut!

I measured according to the kitchen door and how long i'd like it to be. Then I taped it to the floor and i used the tiles as my guide lines.
Cut and measure the pocket pieces and sewed at one edge. Made six pieces of these.

Measuring and drawing lines everywhere, so the pockets look uniform. and i have a straight line to follow when i sew this thing together.

Sewing ribbon onto the edges of the plastic pockets, so i know where the pockets are. I used whatever ribbon i have in my stash.

Mr Bear took pictures while i was on the sewing machine and on the floor. All of the plastic. Every fold, every edge, every piece was held together by packing tape. It was the easiest way for me at the time, for the damn thing to hold together while I sew everything down.

4 button holes and 4 hooks to hold it up

My bento door organizer! where i can see everything and within reach!
Took me two and a half weeks. I did not sew everyday. I sew a piece at a time. slowly. And its crooked like everywhere. ROFL!