Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Baking In The Car

I don't remember where I read about a lady who baked cookies in her car while it was parked under the sun. It however intrigued and pique my curiosity. Should i even try it? Why not. Its easy to whip up a batch of cookie dough anyway. especially when you are the short cut queen. hehehe.

So I whipped this up in a container and left it overnight in the fridge, as i have read if you leave cookie dough overnight, its sticks and taste better too.

My very full little fridge

So cookies are placed nicely the next day at work. This method is perfect for me since all the parking space is under the sun all day.

Mr Bear eventually picked me up for lunch, and he was standing next to the car and told me to put something under the tray so my dashboard wont get ruined by the heat. Something i didnt think about earlier. The temperature inside the car was reduced somewhat while i did this.

Had to move the car a bit in the late afternoon so cookies face the sun. End product, smashing yummy in your tummy chewy choc fudge cookies.

What I learned from this is always use a baking sheet so you won't have a tough time scraping the cookies off the tray.

So if anyone would like to try this out;
always use a baking sheet
make sure its a really hot day (38degrees when i did this)
Never ever open the door
Need to cook 4-5 hrs (took me 6 1/2hrs as i opened the door 3 times)
use less butter (melting factor)