Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pillowcase Dress By Rozi

I went over to my cousin Rozi's house today to start prepping up for the 20 books order for JIS. So while I was cutting boards and paper and gluing, I was also teaching Rozi how to make a pillowcase dress for Baby D.
Luckily, in one of the donated stash I have received were two pillowcases. One was blue and one was more in green moss brown flowery print. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of that.
Rozi cleared up a table and got the sewing machine that her mother gave her out. A few tests and it's working great after not in use for a decade? I think.

I taught her how to measure up for the arm holes using a sleeveless top Dyanna has.
Mark and Cut
And how to hem the neck for the ribbon to go through
We ran through a few machine techie glitches, like the thread snapped, the bobbin got tangled, usual stuff. Rozi was feeling rather "what i have to sew it all over again?" hehehe

Very determined to get it done.
Ribbon in, one edge was sewn nicely until I told her that I shortcut queen suggest using glue.
When all was done. we tried to get the toddler to wear it and keep it on and pause long enough for a decent picture. Unfortunately.

Ran and climbed the bench while i was chasing her and trying to get a photo op and making sure she doesn't fall.

Those ruffles were already on the pillowcase and were too cute to remove.

Trying out to see what she can pull off her

Pulled the ribbon already after 2 minutes

I think all in all, it was a very productive afternoon.
We have another pillowcase to transform.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

St Patrick's Day

I initially wanted to spend some time in front of the telly. Unfortunately Mr Bear has to finish a couple more assignments and told me to watch my shows from my computer in the room. So since I cant bring my wip carpet because it takes up some floor space and I don't have enough light to go around too, so I opted to do something else.

Then I remembered that Tuesday is St Paddy's run at the ladies hash.
I found this while googling. And loved it!
You can check out her website. She makes beautiful stuff. There is a tutorial too for this flower.
Its made out of scrapbook paper and she used a cricut? I think so.

Time to use up some stash. Green fabric ... sure i have those but not the ones i needed. So I couldn't make a necklace because I wanted it to last longer. Next option, green paper. Why not. I've made paper flowers before. Channeling my uber fab cousins, Zida and Rozi, with the help of my fantastic glue gun, I came up with this green flower on a stretchy band. Flower a tad on the big side, but who cares. I've something green for the run.

My sister FF is modelling the flower. And she even said that it's big. She only agreed to model for me if she's allowed to have access to my internet and telly while Mr Bear and I go to kiddy hash. The center of the flower is those big stone sparkly beads and some smaller beads. I have some glitter but thought that it would be too messy to use in the bedroom.
Lookie you can see me reflected off her sunnies. Check out my big ass. Shake it yeahhh shake it.

My other sister ZZ modeled my hat. I thought I still have some black ribbon in the stash, but didn't. I have black paper. so it'll have to do. Fantastic glue gun came to the rescue when wet glue just did not want to work with me. The buckle is also made out of paper and the yellow bits are yellow sequins. Because I did not have yellow paper or yellow glitter. And i wanted it to sparkle a bit since its a buckle. A real buckle would have worked better but I doubt Mr Bear would like me much if I mauled his belt for it.

This picture is different. I took it at night (they came over the night before too) and you can see the sparkliness of the hat. The yellow sequins. and the black paper.
Not my best work. Again who cares. I'm gonna rock em and place them in my dress up box with the rest of the costumes I've accumulated over the years. Yes, I go to a lot of costume parties. Good thing I'm crafty and thrifty to boot. Almost.

And the time it took me to make these 2 items was under 1 hr. Cut paper, fold paper, cut paper, glue gun, place stones, scatter beads, glue sequins. Easy Peasy.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Fresh Eggs

Behind my parents kitchen co-habitats the chicken and birds. if I'm lucky and the hens are not sulking, lucky lucky me gets fresh local eggs on a biweekly basis.

I grow up around a lot of different types of animals. Chickens, pigeons, goats ... and we had the variety of pets, cats, hamsters, mice, snake (didnt stay long), turtles, rabbits, an owl and tons of birds and a baby monkey. The occasional monitor lizard would show up now and again and is not a pet at all.

Chickens ; sometimes the dinner of pythons and monitor lizards.
Pigeons ; found their way into the chicken palace and refused to leave
Goats ; committed suicide and scared the shit out of our neighbour, coz they were hanging on the side facing the neighbour's kitchen. it was hilarious.
Cats ; we probably had a 100 of them over the last 30 yrs, found homes for them, stolen or died or ranaway.
Those i remember ; Lucy (Dad's) , Booties I (mine) Percy (Mom's) Spotty (mine) Pancake and Maple (Brother's) Ginger (Sister's) Booties II (mine) Spunky - knows how to roll over and play dead (mine) Max (Joey's) No2 - Max's twin brother (Mom's), Max and No2 died within 3 days due to pneumonia. Snowball (Spoiled Brat)
Now we have Chloe Heng & Pirate Heng (Babies of Mr & Mrs Bear)
Hamsters ; had plenty of them coz they wouldn't stop breeding, so had to give them away
Mice ; cats ate them, smart cats found a way to open the latch
Snake ; which Dad caught and gave away day after, coz we all hates snakes
Turtles ; One big turtle decided to be overlord and drowned the rest, now there is just one turtle living in the platypus tub
Rabbits ; Named Dolce and Gabanna. Yes my sister Diyana named them that. Gabanna got eaten by a snake and Dolce thought that after living for 2 yrs with cats and seeing them land on their feet, thought that he too would land the same way. Broke his neck jumping from the first floor roof.
Owl ; Fell from a tree, we saved him and nursed him and then he flew away.
Baby Monkey ; Dad named him King Kong. He wore infant size diapers and my mommy was his mommy and no one is allowed to love his mommy other than him. We gave him away due to demonic possessions.

This is the Chicken Palace where the best eggs came from. They are small and half the size of regular eggs. Did I mention healthier and FOC. My favourite abbreviation. Love me free eggs.

Now there is only one hen and one rooster. another hen decided to do a houdini.

Can you see them birds?? they're noisy and they smell. I can handle chicken shit anytime but birds just stinks.
Nobody, no one not even Dad can explain how the birds got in there in the first place. Mom has a theory that they squeezed in through the food hole-thingy so they can eat the food only to find out they're stuck. And whenever Dad opens the gate, they refused to fly out. Go figure.