Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pillowcase Dress By Rozi

I went over to my cousin Rozi's house today to start prepping up for the 20 books order for JIS. So while I was cutting boards and paper and gluing, I was also teaching Rozi how to make a pillowcase dress for Baby D.
Luckily, in one of the donated stash I have received were two pillowcases. One was blue and one was more in green moss brown flowery print. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of that.
Rozi cleared up a table and got the sewing machine that her mother gave her out. A few tests and it's working great after not in use for a decade? I think.

I taught her how to measure up for the arm holes using a sleeveless top Dyanna has.
Mark and Cut
And how to hem the neck for the ribbon to go through
We ran through a few machine techie glitches, like the thread snapped, the bobbin got tangled, usual stuff. Rozi was feeling rather "what i have to sew it all over again?" hehehe

Very determined to get it done.
Ribbon in, one edge was sewn nicely until I told her that I shortcut queen suggest using glue.
When all was done. we tried to get the toddler to wear it and keep it on and pause long enough for a decent picture. Unfortunately.

Ran and climbed the bench while i was chasing her and trying to get a photo op and making sure she doesn't fall.

Those ruffles were already on the pillowcase and were too cute to remove.

Trying out to see what she can pull off her

Pulled the ribbon already after 2 minutes

I think all in all, it was a very productive afternoon.
We have another pillowcase to transform.

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