Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Busy Wednesday Part 1

I seem to be a very busy bee at the moment. But then it's Wednesday and so many things happened today. So I'm just going to share each event at a time.

Once I finished my sewing class (I've gone back to school .. back to basics) I decided to head over to Moore's and borrow his daughter. Coz I had this haunch that she'll fit perfectly into my skirt. And I was right! So we took a few shots. She's shy and very tomboy-ish, so when she saw the skirt she just said 'you want me to wear that???!!!!!!????' and such a super gal she obliged. And she's going to be my guinea pig for adult sizes for I need the practice.

And as usual the best place to get cottons would be at Hokko. And I have a substantial amount of fabric left, I think I'll ponder on what to make next ... actually I've made it but that's coming up later on.

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