Thursday, 1 July 2010

Busy Wednesday Part 2

My little slice of heaven or my very own Santa's Workshop. Where I make little bit of stitching here and there. And of course this little spot is in a bigger room which we call the junk room. Coz it still has our junk when we first moved in and its where we iron clothes as well as dump laundry and its also our closet. Embarrasing really. Anyhoo, I picked up this book when MrBear and I went for our after dinner walk in Regent Square with our friend Shirley and her son JJ. I found it while perusing magazines in the $1 bin. Well it wasn't in the bargain bin, more like on the bookcase next to it.

Very informative book. But still need hands on practicals to fully understand.

My sewing machine, my serger, my little sewing box and my book. I took the painting from the dining room wall because its pretty and I needed a background. Looks better than a plain wall.

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