Thursday, 15 July 2010

Baby Crinkle Tag Toy

My little niece is so lucky. And so am I. There I was with lots of scraps leftover and have no idea what to do with them. So off I go blog hopping looking and reading at the wonderful things other ladies are making when I just went ah-hah! a tag toy!! but need ribbons. Darn!

Off to Hokko the next day for a few selections. And lo and behold. I have taken step by step tutorial pictures on how to make a crinkly tag toy for babies/toddlers.

What you will need

Two rectangle pieces of fabric (you can make it any shape you want really)
plastic bag
needle and thread

Step One:
Cut your plastic bag to your fabric size.

Step 2:
Sandwich you plastic in between your fabric. Make sure your fabric is facing inside. so fabric (facing upwards) plastics and fabric (facing downward)

Ok I have made an oopsie here. Before you do this step. Make sure you do step 3 & 4 first. apologies

Step 3:
Pin all your ribbons. In any way you like.

Step 4:
Do remember to give a bit of allowance for the seam. Satin ribbons tend to fray.

Step 5:
When you sew, remember to leave an opening easy enough for you to flip the tag toy inside out. And be careful of pins. I pricked myself so many times I cried.

Step 6:
Remove all pins. Flatten your toy and sew the opening close.

Enjoy the crinkly crinkle of your tag toy


  1. Baby D very happy to have an aunt that is so crafty and talented in the fabric department, she and mommy thank you for making such wonderful items for Baby D!

  2. Thank you for being my guinea pigs. hehehehe. you guys are so great for trouble shooting stuff hehehehe. just when i needed a baby to practice on and one pops out. hahahahaha. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy