Thursday, 2 September 2010

365 Days. 365 New Outfits. 365 Dollars.

I came across this blog one day when i was googling for dresses. And man was I so in love with this girl. But then why on earth would i want to fill up her comments box which she may or may not have time to read. So I shall worship her from afar. Marissa you are one brilliant babe. She whos blog is New Dress A Day.

This quote comes from eNVe Designs about Marissa. I loved the way she wrote it.

This brilliant idea came to Marisa, a young woman entering her 30's, who found herself wading in what she called "a personal creative-funk-crisis". To get herself out of the rut, she decided to stop shopping for an entire year! I know what you're thinking ladies, "yea, that would make a girl feel better OPPOSITE WORLD!" But that's just what she has been doing for the past several months--forgoing the traditional clothing shopping. Instead, Marisa is only buying vintage/pre-worn clothing and only allotting herself a budget of $1 per outfit, per day, which she then transforms (with the help of her trusty sewing machine and some sharp shears) into chic, current, fashionable garments, giving each old outfit a new life. That's it.. 365 days, 365 "new" outfits, for 365 dollars. That's definite brilliance if you ask me!

And if that doesnt motivate anyone to revamp their wardrobe then i simply do not know what will.

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