Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Perfect Supergirl Dress

They're here! They're here! My books have finally arrived. I've waited for a whole month for them. 2 weeks delivery my ass. Nevertheless I'm a happy duck (see pic). I've picked them up bright and early this morning and will drool over them tonight. Will post pictures next post.

Friday is always the day to look forward to as its a day off for me. However instead of doing laundry, vacuuming and such, I went into the jungle for a recce with my hash mate Squeak. Had a great 1hr walk in the jungle of diplo. Usually by lunch, Im off to my cousin's Rozi to spend the afternoon in her studio and spend some quality time with Rozi, Sab (my sister) and Dyanna (my niece-Rozi's baby). And I have come with a gift!

She wouldn't let it go

We did a before photo. Now for a little background story. The "dress" is actually a boys singlet for 6yrs old (Rozi checked tonight and it says 8-9yrs old. my bad). Since Daddy is very into superman, this was the perfect gift for baby. I bought it when she was 2 weeks old (it'll come in handy in the future I said), it came in a pack of 2 for $10. Good bargain. A few weeks ago we were hanging out in the dining room and Sab found it among the piles of everything that we tend to pile with the intention of putting them in their proper place. And Rozi said, hey how about turning it into a dress? Great idea. had the baby try it on to see where it needs to be adjusted. And here is the result. She's almost 2yrs old now.

Posing for the camera.

Cheeky face!

My sister diverting attention to the birds outside the window so I can get a close up of the yo-yo and flowers.

And did I spend a single cent on this?
Absolutely not. I used up everything I had in my sewing stash and scrap box.
Did I use my sewing machine?
Absolutely not. I sewed everything by hand. Everything is hemmed by hand. Ruffles made by running stitch and pinned on one layer at a time and sewed by hand by backstitch using embroidery threads.
Why didn't I use my sewing machine?
Will post photos of why
How long did this take me to sew?
2 weeks, sewn a little bit at a time each night while I watch project runway and masterchef australia.
Would I do this again?

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